Focus on the goal

Use a trusted organisation on your way to the future!

Never losing sight of your path will help you achieve your goals. Time flies during all the excitement, learning, and new experiences that go along with starting a career. You will learn in a short period of time a profession related to the complex film and theatre industries. In view of that, it is in your best interest to start off on the right foot by learning to be punctual and disciplined, no ifs, and or buts! To be successful, you must learn to work constructively with others as a team to achieve a common goal.

There is no entrance exam for our school because we believe making a decision about your future takes more than simply looking over a portfolio. We will discover together in a personal discussion whether you have the true desire and ambition to successfully complete our apprenticeship.

Our program takes three years to complete—with 10 weeks of holiday per year. A typical day consists of half lectures and half hands-on training by an expert. The lessons and training take place on campus from 9:00 to 17:30, Monday to Friday. Over the first two months each student receives a basic kit of materials necessary for his or her apprenticeship and future professional career.

Of course, our curriculum fulfils the requirements of the training regulations for make-up artists, but regulations fall behind the times and are rarely up-to-date. Therefore, Hasso von Hugo ensures that the apprenticeship lessons and training are updated continuously, incorporating new trends, techniques, and materials such as airbrush make-up.