Educational and pedagogical values

Expertise in each area with love and commitment to teaching!

The pedagogical method behind our curriculum, over 40 years of professional experience, and over 20 years of teaching experience have repeatedly improved and refined the Hasso von Hugo Make-up Artists’ School training concept.

“Get with the times or get left behind!”

Our training team for the different subject areas is composed of more than 20 teachers.

Our intermediate and final examinations are evaluated by our teaching staff, as well as by several external auditors. Our pool of auditors includes 25 world-class make-up artists or head make-up artists from all over Europe.

Since 1990, we have trained more than 600 students to be make-up artists. Our graduates work on film, TV and stage productions, for photographers, and for fashion agencies. To date, we have had students from more than 15 countries. They have come from as far as Korea, Morocco, Canada, Greece, Spain, and Iceland!

Quality has no limits, and we work hard to improve every day.

The Hasso von Hugo Make-up Artists’ School is the best start in the career, there is no comparable school in Europe.

Barney Nikolic*

*International make-up artists involved on such projects as Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, and many other films.